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Athlete Format Year Result
Balazs Kiss MPEG 1996 81.24m
Olga Kuzenkova MPEG 1997 73.10m
Sergej Litvinov – Current Olympic record. MPEG 1988 84.80m
Conor McCullough – 6kg hammer at World Juniors. YouTube 2010 80.69m
Mihaela Melinte – Former world record. MPEG 1999 76.07m
Yipsi Moreno MPEG 2003 73.33m
Koji Murofushi MPEG 2003 84.86m
Koji Murofushi MOV 2004 82.65m
Yuriy Sedykh MPEG 1986 86.68m
Yuriy Sedykh – Former world record. YouTube 1984 86.34m
Yuriy Sedykh MPEG 1991 81.70m
Ivan Tikhon MPEG 2003 83.05m
Anita Włodarczyk – Current world record. YouTube 2010 78.30m
Anita Włodarczyk – Former world record. YouTube 2009 77.96m


Competition Format
1986 European Championships – Yuriy Sedykh defeats Sergej Litvinov in a close competition and sets the current world record. YouTube
1992 Olympic Games YouTube
2008 Olympic Games – Men YouTube
2008 Olympic Games – Women YouTube

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