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Hammer Notes

Hammer Notes Newsletter

In the early 1980s, hammer coach Kevin McGill began to publish Hammer Notes a newsletter intended to bridge the knowledge gap between American and Soviet throwers. While the Soviets have new training methods based on the research of thousands of scientists, Americans were training basically the same way they had for decades.

Each issue of Hammer Notes has been scanned and can now be found online. There is a wealth of information about training methods, technique, and coaching from the top names in the world.

Hammer Notes Studies

The second collection of material compiled by Kevin McGill includes a variety of studies and writings from the world’s top coaches and scientists. It is not intended for sale or commercial use. Permission has been given by TFNews to reprint the chapter McGill wrote in the Omnibook on the hammer throw. Biomechanist Jesus Dapena contributed a number of pieces, along with a series of “wire” drawings of Sedykh. Most of the remaining material comes from “New Studies in Athletics”, and most of that was written by Klaus Bartonietz.