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Learn to Throw

Youth Hammer Throw Guidebooks

Harold Connolly published the second edition of the Coaching Youth to Throw the Hammer and the accompanying Hammer Throwers Handbook in 2005 through the support of USA Track and Field. The purpose of the guidebooks are to foster hammer throwing for boys and girls in the United States through the education of youth coaches and to provide greater opportunities for boys and girls to participate in this Olympic throwing event.

In Coaching Youth to Throw The Hammer, youth coaches will find the resources they need to begin coaching young hammer throwers. No prior experience with the event is required. After young athletes begin throwing, the Hammer Throwers Handbook provides them with more detailed technical information and models. While Connolly’s approach is not the only approach to teaching youth to throw, it was born out of his 60 years of experience and has proven successful.

Learn the Hammer Throw in Days webmaster Martin Bingisser has also published another method of teaching the hammer throw. There are many ways to learn the event and each coach needs to find the method that works the best for them and their athletes.