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Olli-Pekka Karialianan

Olli-Pekka Karialianan World Junior record holder throwing into nets indoors in Finland, soon to leave for a month in South Africa for training and competition.
Strokes hammer from way around the back. Fairly wide entry stance.

Olli-Pekka is 6’4″

263 pounds

Pushes hammer flat across the front

Past zero and out to the left. Arms straight, hips countering, shoulders relaxed and concave. Chin lifted, head slightly leading.

Line of vision above the hammer. Lets hammer run out to the left from long, relaxed arms. Head is erect and more in line with hammer.
At 90 degrees hammer at shoulder level. Right foot lifts off. Head begins to counter hammer. Back straight.
Right foot in close to left leg, up over ankle. Arms and shoulders very long and relaxed. Strong positive feature of technique.
Excellent landing position. Hammer well back, head increasingly countering, arms remain long and relaxed. First turn in process of being quickly completed.
Turn completed as hammer reaches zero. Arms long, shoulders concave, head increases countering. System centered as hammer again pushed out around to the left.
Right knee in tight as thrower relaxes in single support. Long arms, relaxed shoulders. Distance from back of head to hammer increasing.
Right foot up over left ankle. Long relaxed sweep of hammer in back during single support as right foot moves quickly to land and complete turn.
Again superior landing position from which the hammer will be stroked/pushed down and out past zero across and well out to the left as the second turn is quickly completed.
Knees tight, arms and shoulders long, head increasingly countering.
As the hammer pull increases, head counters more away from hammer and inclined toward left shoulder to prevent a heavy landing on right foot.
Hammer reaches apex at 180 degrees.
Arms and shoulders have remained relaxed and aligned perfectly with hammer. Head is countering properly.
Third turn is completed quickly. Head is countering and a shoulder hip separation has been established. Head slightly leading.
Knees tight, arms and shoulders remain long and relaxed. Distance increasing from bottom of hammer to back of head.
Right foot moving very fast up over ankle. Head countering more away from hammer as ball speed and pull increases.
Hammer reaches peak of apex at 180 degrees. Head countering back and to thrower’s left.
Excellent landing position. Hammer well back, head countering and inclined to left and final turn quickly completed for long release.
Distance from back of head to bottom of hammer approaching its maximum and greatly increasing ball speed. Head inclined to left to prevent cutting off release by falling to right.
Excellent delivery. Distance from back of head to bottom of hammer reaches its maximum length at release. Both legs driving up into release.
Head way back. Eyes directly up to the sky, or in this case roof. System centered and on balance.
Long full posted release with perfect follow through of both arms above head.