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Training Resources

Learning the hammer throw can be quick, but mastering the event can take a lifetime. In this section you will find advanced resources for the hammer throw.


Top coaches from around the world write about hammer throw training, technique, and some of the mental aspects of competing.

Hammer Notes

In the early 1980s, hammer coach Kevin McGill began to publish Hammer Notes a newsletter intended to bridge the knowledge gap between American and Soviet throwers. Each issue of Hammer Notes has been scanned and can now be found online. There is a wealth of information about training methods, technique, and coaching from the top names in the world.

Photo Sequences

View frame-by-frame photos of some of the best throws and some commentary.


Video of the world’s best throwers can help throwers of all levels see what is needed to throw far.

Martin Bingisser’s Blog

A vast resource of articles on technique, training, coaching, and various other topics from Martin Bingisser’s blog on our sister site HMMR Media.