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Welcome to the new was founded over a decade ago by the late Olympic champion Harold Connolly. Connolly started the site to help introduce a new generation of athletes to the hammer throw. Thanks to the efforts of coaches, athletes, and parents across the country, his efforts were successful and youth participation has more than doubled since then.

Throughout its existence, has been the internet’s most in-depth resource for information about the hammer throw. In fact, the site is unique in track and field. No other event has such a tool that allows athletes of all experience levels, from beginners to Olympians, to find helpful resources. Now the site has now been redesigned with the help of Evergreen Athletic Fund to continue Harold’s mission.

The new continues to provide the same in-depth information about the hammer throw. From learning how to throw to finding the latest technical articles, we have it all.

In addition to all the information that was already available on, the new redesign showcases several new features:

  • Better organization. The hammer throw resources are now split into three categories. The navigation bar uses drop down menus to give users a clear sense of the site’s layout. The new categories for the site are:
    • What is the hammer throw? – featuring facts, information, and history for newcomers to the sport.
    • Learn to throw – resources for new throwers, including guides for beginners and access to coaches and clinics.
    • Training resources – articles, video, and more resources for intermediate and advanced throwers
  • A new search feature, making information easier to find.
  • A listing of the most popular resources, allowing users can find the most helpful information quickly.
  • New information, including an extended history of the hammer throw (both ancient and modern), a biography of Harold Connolly, and statistical information (including all-time lists, world record progression, and a list of Olympic medalists).

Your comments are welcome, so please let us know what other features you would like to see on


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